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Re: [Channel-talkalgebra] Multiple Questions

From: Heidi Fonseca <[email protected]>
Date: Thu Apr 12 2007 - 11:32:05 EDT

Julie, I have been experiecing lesson facilitation in 90 min. blocks. Colleagues agree that students
need to have some sort of activity that will allow them to move, as well as having transitions
between activities. In our case, we have a minimum day each week, which makes the blocks a tad
longer and a tad shorter during the week. We also have alternate days: On day we see classes
scheduled for even periods (2, 4, 6), the next day odd class periods (1,3,5).

Personally, I plan the activities in small continuous "chunks". Sometimes it is not possible to have
all the same classes at the same point in the lessons: individuals and groups will pace it, where it
is necessary to decide whether more depth is needed, perhaps the group is ahead and there is room
for enrichment, etc.

Having taught Elementary school, being with a group of students for what it would seem/feel an
"extended" period of time is not foreign to me. However, colleagues used to teach five periods a day
plus a preparation period have found it somewhat challenging. Here is where the format of the block
is important. We post a daily agenda, and the standard under study (it is a schoolwide requirement).
Some of us have a designated area in the bulleting board where a list of daily assignments/homework
is listed for students, parents, and school support personnel as reference. Very useful during
meetings or when reviewing a student's progress & seeking support/enrichment options.

Heidi Fonseca
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