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From: Lewis, Gordon ([email protected])
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 10:39:45 EST

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    Larry, Rita, Joe, and Garrett--
    Thanks for your note.
    *Regarding your question about Session 4, problem B10 (actually Session 5,
    problem B10), you are correct; the solution (0.57) for the slope is wrong.
    10/14 or 5/7 is close to 0.71.
    *In Session 6, problem H3:
        All three branches must be 18, since they are all equal in weight and
    the total is 54.
        The cube must be even, because if it were odd, then the two circles
    would have to add up to an odd number also; since there are two (equal)
    circles, the odd number couldn't be divided in half and have an integer
        The cube must be larger than the circle, because in the middle branch
    the cube equals the pyramid plus the circle, and the pyramid can't be zero.
    *You are correct about Session 8, problem B10. Both quadrants I and III
    should have been shown.
    Thanks for catching the errors; we'll make the corrections.
    And we're glad you're having fun while learning...and making new friends.
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