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5. Feelings Count - Emotions and Learning
“How students feel affects whether and how they can learn. If they’re anxious or fearful they’re not going to be able to take in information. Teachers not only can learn to create a safe environment they can learn to develop emotional intelligence. The students actually gain the skills of managing their emotions, solving conflicts, and interacting with others. And all of that can be taught and learned.”
Linda Darling-Hammond
boy conducting orchestra

Key Questions:
  • How do emotions affect learning, and how does the classroom affect emotions?
  • How can teachers foster emotional intelligence and create emotionally safe classroom environments?
teacher on playground

Learning Objectives:

  1. Emotions affect learning – Teachers will understand how their students' emotions affect learning. Teachers will understand the need to make judgments about when emotions are interfering with or supporting learning.
  2. Emotional intelligence – Teachers will consider and understand the five aspects of "emotional intelligence." They will begin to develop strategies to help themselves and their students become aware of and manage their emotions.
  3. Creating emotionally safe learning environments – Teachers will consider how to create emotionally safe learning environments where students can take risks, develop confidence, and grow emotionally and academically.

Video Program

This episode introduces viewers to ways in which teachers can create an emotionally safe classroom to foster learning, and ways in which they can deal with emotions and conflicts that can be an obstacle to learning. Fifth grade teacher Kristin Bijur at San Francisco Community School, San Francisco, California, is featured, as well as eighth grade band teacher, Nancy Flanagan at Hartland Middle School, Hartland, Michigan. Daniel B. Goleman, Ph.D., author of the book Emotional Intelligence, and Yale University Professor James P. Comer offer expert commentary on the subject.

Key Terms - New in this Session

emotional intelligence

emotionally safe classroom

self awareness

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