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Every classroom in every school is unique. Every day in class is a little bit different from the day before. Those are reasons why The Learning Classroom doesn't try to demonstrate a specific set of "recipes for success," as a cooking show might.

Instead, the video segments were taped as inquiries – good teachers in their everyday environments trying to turn their best thinking into best practices.

They do show us some good techniques that we can adapt easily to our own classrooms. But they also give us an opportunity to raise good questions for discussion. For instance, how might the ideas be used in another context or grade? What else might the teacher have done to meet a teaching or classroom challenge?

In this section, you will have a chance to pose your own questions raised by the video segments you have watched. You will be able to compare your questions with those raised by others, and you may read responses to some of those questions. Your teacher or group leader may ask you to email your questions or response to him/her or your learning group.

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1. The video segments in The Learning Classroom were taped as teachers worked in their own classrooms. As you watch, jot down the questions you have about what you see the teacher do and how the students respond.

Click here open up a mail-to form. Use it to record your questions and if you want, email them to yourself, your instructor/facilitator or others in your learning group.

Step 2. When you're done, click on the episode title from the list and compare your questions with the Questions for Reflection and responses that our project team has anticipated.

Step 3. Review the responses we have prepared to questions that match the ones you have asked. What else might you add to the response you read?



Click on the number to go directly to the Questions for Reflection for that session.

1. How People Learn - Introduction to Learning Theories

2. Learning As We Grow - Development and Learning
3. Building on What We Know - Cognitive Processing
4. Different Kinds of Smart - Multiple Intelligences
5. Feelings Count - Emotions & Learning
6. The Classroom Mosaic - Culture and Learning
7. Learning From Others - Learning in a Social Context
8. Watch it, Do it, Know it - Cognitive Apprenticeship

9. Thinking About Thinking - Metacognition

10. How We Organize Knowledge - The Structure of the Disciplines
11. Lessons for Life - Learning and Transfer
12. Expectations for Success - Motivation and Learning

13. Pulling It All Together - Creating Classrooms and Schools that Support Learning



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