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Re: [Channel-talklearning] persons takimg the learning class roomcourse - now...

From: <SamNapier@aol.com>
Date: Thu Jun 30 2005 - 09:31:25 EDT
X-Mailer: 9.0 Security Edition for Windows sub 5200

My husband and I took the course in the Spring and also felt overwhelmed
with the amount of work required.
We were thankful to have each other for support.
After the first session or 2 we came up with an organizational method that
worked for us.
First we read each chapter, which we had printed, and highlighted the high
points and things that we found particularly interesting before watching the
Then we watched the video segment and took notes on what they were saying
that was useful to our situations or new to us. We had to stop the segments
multiple times per session to do this.
Then we answered the questions following each session based on what we'd
learned from these activities.
Then we went over extra readings and the extra questions and activities
provided for the sessions.
At first we really worried about what our projects would be about, but as
the session went on we each found that the ideas would almost choose the
project for you. I didn't get the idea for my project until fairly far into the
sessions and my husband's idea came even later but just by taking in the new
info. you will see that an idea that you want to incorporate will come to you.
I hope this helps and Good Luck!
Lori Napier

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