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[Channel-talklearning] Feedback

From: Katherine Kraus <kate231@earthlink.net>
Date: Sun Mar 13 2005 - 20:55:39 EST
X-Mailer: EarthLink MailBox 2005.1.57.0 (Windows)

Dear Ed, Susanne, and Axel,
Thank you for your great comments and suggestions. You all have given me some new ideas. The kids often tell me stories about themselves during our walk to art. I could use this time to hear what they're saying about their lives and let them know that I'm interested and care. This could be a small way of attending to their emotional development. I have a curriculum which includes S.O.L's (Standards of Learning). I've thought about taking art to the kids in their classrooms, but the teacher's don't want this. There aren't any spare rooms. I have thought about holding art outside, but I'm concerned that I won't have the same level of control. But, art outdoors could be an exciting way to introduce landscapes. Inside the classroom, thinking out loud while demonstrating a process and setting the stage with discussion and questions so that all of the kids understand what we're doing would seem to prevent kids from asking me "So, what are we doing?'' Thank you again! Sincerely, Kate
Katherine Kraus
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