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Channel-Talk for The Learning Classroom

From: Jack Mccauley (jmccauley@chatfield.spfs.k12.mi.us)
Date: Sun Feb 22 2004 - 16:47:53 EST

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    I have completed viewing Sessions 1 & 2 and read the related materials.
    I am a principal of a small elementary school now in my 38th year of
    work in a variety of schools and positions. The school has committed
    teachers working very hard to be creative and to reach every child, but
    it seems that as we work together we spend all our time pinning down
    Benchmarks, writing School Improvement Plans, completing the state's new
    accreditatin plan, etc. that we don't have any time to discuss being
    creative teachers addressing the developmental levels of the children. I
    fear that we are getting so focused on having the children "pass the
    state tests" that we lose sight of children experiencing the "joy of
    learning" and having the classroom be that experience for both children
    and teachers.

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