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Channel-Talk for The Learning Classroom

From: vineyard nancy (vineyardnanc@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Jan 15 2004 - 12:41:08 EST

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       It?s nice to find someone else that is recently starting this course. I
    have just finished the reading for Session 1. The section from How People
    Learn was very interesting. Here are some of my thoughts on that reading,
    and on what I want to learn from this course.
         All of my early learning focused primarily on memorization and
    regurgitation. I even remember saying, ?Just figure out what the teacher
    wants, and give it to them.? I had a very hard time with history and
    geography, largely because I found a way to memorize for the short-term, and
    consequently, have a very small knowledge base for either of those subjects
    today. However, math and English were pertinent, exciting and interesting.
      An excellent, and very young, teacher introduced me to symbolism in
    Russian novels. It is a learning that has increased my love of reading
       I find it interesting that when I chose to become a teacher, I chose a
    ?hands-on? field; Family and Consumer Science for grades 5-8. I had never
    taken a Home Economics class in high school, but the idea of teaching
    something immediately relevant to life was what appealed to me. It was, and
    still is, fascinating to see the students develop a knowledge base that I
    can expand on in later years. It is easy for me to develop a genuine
    inquisitive feeling about skills like cooking and sewing. What I desire
    most from this course, is to find ways to foster an inquisitive
    understanding around the areas of nutrition, child development and personal
    finance. These are areas that are changing so rapidly, that I need to find
    a way to help the students take control of their own learning and then find
    the knowledge base to become life long learners.

       Any thought of yours would be most welcome. Nancy

    >From: "Van Caldwell" <vcaldwell@comcast.net>
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    >To: <channel-talklearning@learner.org>
    >Subject: RE: [Channel-talklearning] New participant for Jan. class
    >Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 09:46:35 -0500
    >Yes, I have discovered the flexible format of video on demand.
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    >To: channel-talklearning@learner.org
    >Subject: [Channel-talklearning] New participant for Jan. class
    >Hello: I have just started the reading on The Learning Classroom
    >course. I am hoping to connect with others that are just starting this
    >class. Any other January learners? Thanks, Nancy
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