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From: estes (estesg@bellsouth.net)
Date: Fri Nov 07 2003 - 19:57:43 EST

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    From: Kathy Estes (estesg@bellsouth.net)
    Session 5: Feelings Do matter: Emotions and Learning
    Session Overview - response

    The author speaks on how to manage and direct emotions. I prefer to say left or right side of brain. I believe that emotions depend on which side of the brain processes the information. I think there are millions of sparks firing at the same time and the brain sorts the information according to the body's need to feel. Emotional feelings depend upon the order of which we perceive, survival, love, death, fear, happy, and depression.All humans experience some form of trauma, but its up to our brain signal as to how we deal with the problem. I think we can over come any emotion in life if we will just sort the necessity of the emotion. I had several bad experiences in my childhood, death, bad wreck, and a teen pregnancy, I gave my brain time to sort what was needed for my body to mend. There are many traumas from birth to death, it is up to the individual to decide on an out-come. I think many of the young today uses traumas as excuses for their behaviors. I believe our emotions are just that emotions.
    The most important thing when working with children is to show evidence that we control our emotions. This will eliminate the excuse and open the new avenue for thought. Emotions are things that can be controlled and redirected into positive emotions, such as happy, joy, zest for living; not just going through life with an empty body. I feel that if a child is screaming and throwing a tantrum we should explain that in order to survive, we must except growing pains. There are going to be many curves in life , but that is how to grow up with a healthy brain. The brain will only send signals if we allow it to help assist the body's need. The brain must have time to pick a tunnel for filtering what is pain and what is just a spoiled child. A child can only use what the body has for it to process or map the child's future. The brain will map all emotions according to what we instill through emotions.
    Teachers are the best source a child will have to guide them into a save and healthy environment of emotions. Teachers must be emotionally healthy themselves. Teachers must serve as guides not planners of children's emotions. I think we can listen and offer a shoulder for children, but not impose on their train of thought during the growing of emotions for their lives.
    I think children are angry because grown-ups intrude on their emotions without giving them the opportunity to decide how they feel. Society as a whole is angry, due to fast living, less time for self, and not having any time for emotions. I think anger is the easiest feeling a person has and that is the one they chose to let control their emotions.Children are tools for society to blame for all the wrongs in life. Children live and act what they see and most of the time it is anger. If love, joy, and kindness did not make a person take time to think about it; may be the first choice for emotions. Living is fast and hard it allows little time for feelings or thought processing.
    I think every teacher should allow the child to express their emotions without interfering in the process of the brain sorting through which emotion is right under the crisis. Crisis are individual emotions that require many different solutions for the individual's body to express for survival. Teachers are a lot of things; but are only in control of their own emotions. I feel if there was a quick fix there would be no need for complex or simple emotions.The emotion of comfortable has to be on the individual's need at that moment. There are no sure cures or fixes for emotions/feelings that is something that happens through sorting and processing of individual's need to heal. Emotions are functions that grow as the child grows.
    I feel strong and healthy some days other days I have to slow down and let the process of information be sorted as to the need. Trust is something we do not own, but must be earned. Children are like puppies they have a built in radar system that detects true emotions/feelings, such as trust. The best we have to offer is being true letting them know its ok to experienced all emotions, anger, fear, sad, joy, kindness, and happiness, its how we express or handle the emotion. All grown-ups should allow children the opportunity to trust without fear. The classroom has thirty students who have different emotions. The thirty students need to be entrusted and given the opportunity to vent any emotion. Teachers are not judges, nor mind readers, that right is individual and should be left to the brain for producing the emotion needed at that time. I will help and advise any child; but I leave it up to the individual to feel.Education evolves emotions and the solutions are built in the individual. Schools are more than curriculum it is letting the individual have emotions with input of guidance for solutions. The solutions are based on the body's need to feel. To have a healthy child we must accept the emotions as the child's genetic make up for being whole.To have a whole individual it will include emotions.
    I think we need to remember that educators deal with past experiences, that children are just beginning to experience. There are different experiences in every home/family, so one may not be enough.Allowances must be implemented in every classroom for a variety of emotions that makes the child a whole. A child is not whole without every emotion there is in real life, real life is emotions. To fully educate students, you must first put emotions into place. Place value is emotions, value is self worth, and that is an individual's right of birth. I can not place my emotions on students within my classroom, because they have not experienced any of the emotions within my world. I will encourage them to express their emotions and work on a solution with them. The choice is up to them as to which emotion they need to express.
    Schools can teach them to express emotions, but the schools need to accept the emotion as the child's self worth. I do not think we need to have robots with emotions built in to the child, puppets are not solutions for a perfect child. If we say emotions are allowed in the classroom, then we need to accept all good or bad. I do not think emotions can be taught.The brain has control of what we feel, it is our reaction that we control. Teach spontaneity for that is a healthy emotion, you never know what you will get..

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