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Channel-Talk for The Learning Classroom

From: estes (estesg@bellsouth.net)
Date: Mon Oct 27 2003 - 20:34:40 EST

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    This is in response to video - Session 4:
    Kathy Estes format

    I would like to state that if teachers incorporate music into their lesson plans, it should reflect a theme for the season. The music that children listen to is not music, it is nothing more than noise. The teachers at Waldorf have the best interest of their students at heart, but just think how many of these students were hearing,seeing and listening to real sounds for the first time. The variety of intelligences was a great experience for the students, they do not get real expose to real world life.The plastic world is what most children think is real. the teachers were introducing something real and alive to the students. If we want to instill real, we need to show life in the classroom with real music along with nature.The natural world is unknown to half of the people in the world, instead of showing life let the children plant flowers. Students need nature walks, sounds and illustrations to experienced true nature.
    The world of plastic is real to society, with fast paste, little if any human touch/feelings from natural resources. If we want real and not plastic we need to get back to basic.The students need a little gray with the white and black. To have a good mixture you will need to put some color into the ground for students to see, touch, and experience.Nature is more than pictures, lectures,and books. The activities of "Earth Is Our Home' should entail mountains, rivers, beaches,trees, flowers, animals, and dirt if nature is to be represented as real, not plastic. Waldorf classroom is typical of home and school with natural resources not nature. The real world in made up with animals, insects, flowers, birds singing, sunshine, rain, and sounds in nature. The educators should have respect for nature in order to teach the children to experience and enjoy nature. The real world means getting bug bites, a little manure on your feet, birds singing, crickets chirping, dogs barking, and cats meowing and parents fussing about the children being dirty.
    I do not think young children should dissect a flower or frog, but they should know the sounds they make in the natural world we live in today. Society has taken away most of natural resources that are our children's future. The world of science or scientific reasoning is not for the young, but the older to save for the next generation. The fact that the statement was made about the teachers not teaching students to be musicians or artists, what are we teaching them to be in the day and age of schools murders, drop-outs or live hard die young. The art of music and art should be at the top of every teachers list. The world needs to get back to the natural way of living. The season of do it if it feels good needs to end before our children are lost.
    The arts' should be integrated into every class in the world, there is enough plastics in the world without our teaching to the plastics'. Today we think that the computers and cameras can give the real world to our students. I think we need to be real and get our heads out of the sand ( plastics) while we have a future to leave to our children.I think lesson plans in public education are superficial nothing more than experienments with a rubber coat for protection from having to stick our heads out into the rain. The rain is a good source for growing things. Waldorf has a great idea and technique for giving natural experiences to their students, this will allow for mastery of the arts. This tool will give students self-esteem in place of I can't draw, play music, or grow a flower. I think every child would benefit from having a mixture of academics with a soon full of art.
    I think if we stop being plastic our students will see the real person and world. If we want to be effective teachers we must first be real. The world is plastic enough with-out the manikins. I think its time to take the film off and experience nature.To have a well rounded world there has to be a little dirt, rain and sun. We should take down the umbrella of plastic, give our future a taste of reality.The schools should stop blocking the children and give life a chance to educate. Education is real only when all factors are in place.
    Kathy Estes

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