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Channel-Talk for The Learning Classroom

From: covs_dhc@ACCESS-K12.org
Date: Wed Oct 15 2003 - 15:32:23 EDT

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    I agree with what Kathy is saying about how we must stop trying to teach to
    the tests and give children a higher level of emotional support. I also
    feel that without having the time or ability to create a safe, secure
    emotional environment for children, they will not be able to learn.
    Children come to school now with more emotional problems than ever before
    in addition to more learning problems now than ever before as well. They
    are getting less emotional support at home simply because most parents are
    usually working. So the school is being forced into the role of providing
    what the family used to provide. It does not matter if you agree that this
    is what schools should be doing or not. It simply is happening and
    teachers are being forced to either shut these kids out emotionally or take
    a greater role in helping them.

    I see teachers all the time who just blame the kids for being lazy or
    stupid. Sure kids will give up if they have problems that are never
    resolved such as vision, hearing or other types of learning disabilities.
    They will also give up if they have personal problems and nobody to talk to
    about them. I feel that teachers should all have training in counseling
    skills and I feel that schools should employ more counselors and social

    The public education system has also made children lazy, as others have
    agreed, by giving them calculators and computers. Now they don't have to
    think. I feel this is a tragedy.

    Debbie Cogan

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