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Channel-Talk for The Learning Classroom

From: estes (estesg@bellsouth.net)
Date: Tue Oct 14 2003 - 19:13:59 EDT

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    Response to Session Overview,
    Session 3 Response

    I am building on what I feel will be an important step for students with learning disorders. Students are labeled before the source of the problem can be found.Most students can use the cognitive process if the emotional process is understood without any stress on the student.The teaching field is always looking for more test for making a perfect learning environment, this adds stress to the load a teacher is caring. The author should look back to see where the information was acquired and how it was processed to begin with. Students or Teachers are not machines nor computers.I feel the classroom teacher and learning would benefit from less testing and more basic skills being taught.
    I have participated in The First Step Program and taken class on assisting students with all types of learning disorders, the first thing was emotions to work through. Students come from different environments, with different baggage. If a student is to have any success in learning they must have the emotional need met first.The child must be the first priority and changing life patterns should be taken one step at a time.
    Once a child has experienced success then the cognitive process will start processing the reactions.The brain now has a positive signal to relay back to the child. The brain is not a machine so we must stop think before we allow any actions to project. The early emotions will ease off if the brain has time to process positive behaviors. Cognitive processing is a learned behavior, just as emotional is learned. Teachers can only give positive solutions for eight hour, one hindered eighty days, emotions are twenty-four seven. The system is failing the students not the teachers, by education on the back burner for technology.
    I am experimenting with color filters in my classroom, because of the gray and white matter. I think color will make a difference in some areas of studying, but only because of learning disorders. I think researchers are necessary but do not have all the answers to the problems. I think computers are wonderful tools for all children to experiment with not placed above reading, writing and math, using their minds first.
    I know this generation of students have more learning disabilities than ever before. I work with theses students everyday, but the environment should be the first fix.The public can not control the home and the first few years of learning. The abuse of broken homes,drugs, age of parents, and the care-givers must be fractured in the picture. I agree the focus is on a child's ability function in public settings to remember and recall information, but we need to consider home as well.
    I feel that all children need structure and discipline in education, not the State being in control of daily lives.If the State is going to hold Educators responsible for students the Educator needs to do the planning.The different cultures in our schools make standardized test invalid, this is reason enough to tell our State hands off.
    I feel that educators should use any tool that will enhance learning. I also feel that visual and auditory representations have replaced the student's ability to experience learning skills with hands-on experiences.
    The overuse of teaching to a test has taken the emotions of classroom experiences out and replaced them with robotics of learning. The blackboard is just that a board! that bore students to sleep. Students rely on machines, computers and calculators to work their minds. Students are using others in place of the brain.
    I feel the heavy reliance on written words can not replace the emotional experience. For example, the experience of riding a horse, rather than seeing the word or title of Riding A Horse on the blackboard.Students would learn more by taking them on a field trip where they could actually ride a horse.
    We value the ability of researchers to focus and concentrate on solutions to solve problems, however, the experience is the better problem solver.The Public Schools rarely focus on Arts, due to the fact of testing. Students are forced to develop mental discipline outside of the regular education. So it is up to the parents, this is less likely to take place, unless parents value creativity and activities that require mental focus. The parent would draw from their own experiences as a child, to provide mental recreation.

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