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From: estes (estesg@bellsouth.net)
Date: Tue Oct 14 2003 - 17:47:58 EDT

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    It was really nice hearing from someone in the program. I am taking this course and Math &Science class alone over the distant learning tool network.
    I am using the divergent learning test in my classroom, where I am letting students pick the color of choice. to read. I think it is going well as of this time in the experiment. It is different and the students have favored the yellow and blue at this time.There is very little knowledge on the brain function, but I hope to learn or shed some light on the subject.I am keeping records and results to write my final on for the course, I feel sure you will enjoy the test results.
    I did not have a clear picture of what I would need to complete the course, so I was reading some of the discussions that was posted and one that was there on the brain,I chose to use in my class.If you have any suggestion for either class please notify me so I may read up on what the results or theories that were used for documentation.
    Thank you again for the response I am looking forward to more talks.Please keep me abreast of things in the program.

    Kathy Estes

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