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Channel-Talk for The Learning Classroom

From: Akhila Seshadri (akhilasesh@sify.com)
Date: Thu Oct 02 2003 - 21:05:42 EDT

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    Thanks for the reply. I'll be responding to your 2nd mail as well.
    Just to keep the record straight, Krishnamurti Schools are considered very radical/unrealistic by many here. India is the newest IT destination and in all our big cities: Delhi, Kolkatta(Calcutta), Mumbai(Bombay) and Chennai(Madras), oh I forgot Bangalore and Hyderabad... schools and education centres vie with each other in getting the latest in technology.
    In our school, we,the teaching staff meet every fortnight on Sat. We spend one part of our time on "General Themes". These could range from talking about feelings to discussing systems management to technology and school.
    You know, when our course material tells us that teachers are theorists;that they are also theory consumers and theory makers... that has fascinated me as it is in practice where I work. Very few become teachers because they are interested in education. Very few even read Piaget or have even heard of Howard Gardner... In school, here, new teachers are usually mentored and have a Must Read list of books that include the two Jerry Manders, Deschooling Society(Ivan Ilyich), John Holt's books How Children Learn and How Children Fail... and many such books. Peace Pigrim is yet another which we have shared and discussed.
    I am sure you have greater access to books, also being in charge of your library. If you do, please find and read The Walkabout Papers. It is afascinating study of the learning experience of the Walkabout of the Australian Aborigine and how to model education on that...so that young people can be self learners and lifelong learners. I feel this will really appeal to you, if you haven't already read this.
    I feel really good about this course when I hear echoes like this.
    You're so right about children spelling badly or writing in a lopsided manner. It is catching up in India. There is a lack os sensitivity to spelling, I feel. For instance, just as I was typing, I looked at my spelling of the word aborigine. Initially I had spelt it with an "O". It struck me as wrong right away. And I checked with the dictionary and corrected myself. Incorrect spelling embarrasses me and I make the effort to spell correctly. Bad spelling is lack of sensitivity, I feel.
    I didn't mean to write such a long reply. It is time to wind up and write again at leisure!!

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