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2 / Dreams and Visions

“Sisilia Sii–Weaver”
“Sisilia Sii–Weaver”
Artist / Origin Flores Island, Indonesia
Region: Oceania
Date 20th century
Material Video still
Credit Courtesy of the Fowler Museum at UCLA

expert perspective

Roy W. HamiltonCurator for Asian and Pacific Collections, Fowler Museum at UCLA

“Sisilia Sii–Weaver”

» Flores Island, Indonesia

expert perspective

Roy W. Hamilton Roy W. Hamilton Curator for Asian and Pacific Collections, Fowler Museum at UCLA

The weaver describes how dream inspiration has played a role in her creative process in making textiles. She talks about a dream where her mother appeared to her to teach her a final pattern that she hadn’t mastered up to that point. The issue is that even a young weaver learns a lot of different patterns, and she had learned all those patterns sitting beside her mother in her youth. But her mother died before she learned the most advanced patterns. And a woman is supposed to have senior standing in the community and be highly recognized and regarded for her skill before she would even attempt to do those patterns. Her mother had always told her in her youth that she couldn’t make those until she had this advanced standing. So years went by, and then finally, in her sleep, her mother came to her in a dream and told her that she had to make those patterns.

Now obviously, as an accomplished weaver, she could have made these patterns. But the issue really is she needed the permission from her mother.” 


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