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11 / The Urban Experience

Tribute to Jackie Robinson
Tribute to Jackie Robinson
Artist / Origin David McShane (American, b. ca. 1970)
Region: North America
Date 1997
Material Mural
Medium: Painting
Dimensions H: 30 ft. (9.1 m.); W: 24 ft. (7.3 m.)
Location 2803 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA
Credit © 1997 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / David McShane Photo © JackRamsdale.com

expert perspective

Jane GoldenExecutive Director, City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

Tribute to Jackie Robinson

» David McShane (American, b. ca. 1970)

expert perspective

Jane Golden Jane Golden Executive Director, City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

The Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia was formed in 1997, providing opportunities to artists and kids all over the city. We’ve turned Philadelphia into an outdoor museum because the murals reflect their voices. People have a stake in the process. I love the Jackie Robinson mural by David McShane. For me it represents breaking through barriers. It means creating change. It means flying in the face of cynicism and apathy and hostility and anything that’s negative. It means not giving up and being relentless. And I love the fact that that mural went on Miss Porter’s wall, who had been on our waiting list for five years. And when I called her and asked her if she wanted Jackie Robinson on the wall, she started crying and said, ‘Today I feel like I won the lottery.’ And she said every day she comes out of her house and sees Jackie up there is a day she knows her potential. And so that mural lives on as a beacon.” 


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