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2 / Dreams and Visions

The Scream
The Scream
Artist / Origin Edvard Munch (Norwegian, 1863–1944)
Region: Europe
Date 1893
Material Tempera and pastels on cardboard
Medium: Painting
Dimensions H: 35 ¾ in. (91 cm.), W: 29 in. (73.5 cm.)
Location The Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway
Credit © 2009 The Munch Museum/The Munch-Ellingsen Group/Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY/Courtesy of Art Resource, NY

expert perspective

Natasha StallerProfessor of the History of Art, Amherst College

The Scream

» Edvard Munch (Norwegian, 1863–1944)

expert perspective

Natasha Staller Natasha Staller Professor of the History of Art, Amherst College

All of art carries the deepest human emotions and sense of possibility and dreams and sometimes nightmares too. And that’s why it’s able to move us, over cultures and over centuries. And with Munch, there is very deeply a sense of someone struggling, a life and death struggle within their demons. It’s very, very much a sense of his own losing loved ones, terror of sickness and death—strident cacophonous colors, these shooting lines going backward in The Scream, fighting off against these wild, undulating curves on fire in the sky. I see that as a very personal grappling with the nightmare.” 


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