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Saltcellar with Portuguese FiguresSaltcellar with Portuguese FiguresEdo artist, Court of Benin, NigeriaDouble-Sided DiptychDouble-Sided DiptychGondar Workshops, EthiopiaGela Mask (The Ancient One)Gela Mask (The Ancient One)Wee artist, Liberia/Cote d’IvoireGreat MosqueGreat MosqueUnknown artist(s), Niger Inland Delta, Mopti Region, MaliConverging Territories #30Converging Territories #30Lalla Essaydi (Moroccan, b. 1956)Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) and NefertitiAmenhotep IV (Akhenaten) and NefertitiUnknown artist, Tell el-Amarna, EgyptMale and Female Twin Figures (flanitokelew)Male and Female Twin Figures (flanitokelew)Bamana artist, Kala, Mali
Fragment of a wall relief showing the sister of DjehutyhotepFragment of a wall relief showing the sister of DjehutyhotepUnknown artist, Deir el-Bersha, EgyptShrine VesselShrine VesselGa’anda artist, Nigeria/ChadMan’s CorsetMan’s CorsetDinka artist, SudanHeadrestHeadrestShona artist, ZimbabweMemory Board (lukasa)Memory Board (lukasa)Luba artist, Democratic Republic of the CongoMask (sowei)Mask (sowei)Mende artist, Sierra LeoneRoyal Crown (adènlà)Royal Crown (adènlà)Yoruba artist, Nigeria
StoolStoolAttributed to the Buli Master, Luba, Democratic Republic of CongoPower Figure (Nkisi nkondi)Power Figure (Nkisi nkondi)Yombe artist and ritual specialist, Democratic Republic of CongoDance Vest with Esù Staff FiguresDance Vest with Esù Staff FiguresYoruba artist, Igbóminà Region, NigeriaTwin Figures (Ère Ìbejì)Twin Figures (Ère Ìbejì)Yoruba artist, NigeriaEagle CoffinEagle CoffinWorkshop of Kane Quaye, Teshe, GhanaKha and His Wife Meryt Before Osiris (detail) from the Book of the DeadKha and His Wife Meryt Before Osiris (detail) from the Book of the DeadUnknown artist, EgyptCoffin of HenettawyCoffin of HenettawyUnknown Artist, Deir el-Bahri, western Thebes, Egypt
Funeral Portrait of a WomanFuneral Portrait of a WomanUnknown Artist, EgyptBag (taghrek)Bag (taghrek)Andi Ouhoulou (Tuareg, Kel Ewey, n.d.), Agadez, NigerStela of MentuwoserStela of MentuwoserEgyptian artist, Abydos possibly, Northern Upper EgyptStanding Statue of HatshepsutStanding Statue of HatshepsutUnknown artist, Thebes, EgyptMemorial HeadMemorial HeadAkan artist, Twifo region, Hemang city, Ghana