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  Name Artist/Origin Date Material
Doryphoros (Canon)Doryphoros (Canon)After Polykleitos of Argos (Greek, ca. 480/475–415 BCE)450–440 BCEBronze
Female FigureFemale FigureUnknown artist (probably Syrian), Nimrud, IraqNeo-Assyrian, ca. 8th century BCEIvory
Statue of AphroditeStatue of AphroditeRoman artist1st–2nd century CE copy after Greek original ca. 3rd–2nd century BCEMarble
Procession of Tribute BearersProcession of Tribute BearersUnknown artist(s), PersepolisAchaemenid Period, 559–330 BCEStone relief
ParthenonParthenonIktinos and Kallikrates (architects); Pheidias (fl. c. 490–430 BC) (sculptor)ca. 447/6–433/2 BCEMarble
Ara Pacis Augustae (Altar of Augustan Peace)Ara Pacis Augustae (Altar of Augustan Peace)Unknown artist(s), Rome13–9 BCEMarble
Frescoed Wall from the House of LiviaFrescoed Wall from the House of LiviaRoman artistca. 1st century BCEMural
Terracotta Army (detail) from the Tomb Complex of Qin Shi HuangdiTerracotta Army (detail) from the Tomb Complex of Qin Shi HuangdiUnknown artist(s), ChinaQin Dynasty, ca. 210 BCETerracotta
Zeus of Artemision (also called Poseidon)Zeus of Artemision (also called Poseidon)Unknown Artist, Greececa. 460 BCEBronze

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