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Life Science: Session 2

Bottle Biology Spotlight

By the end of the second week* in this course, you should have a Bottle Biology system up and running. Be sure to share your experiences with your colleagues as you go.

You can also track the progress of systems set up by Essential Science for Teachers as a way of comparing your observations with ours, or checking out what can be done with other systems. See Bottle Biology Spotlights for relevant suggestions for each session:

Bottle Biology Spotlights: Session 2

System: Activity:
TerrAqua What is it?

*Note: Bottle Biology activities have been designed to occur over a six-week study period, once a system has been stocked. This allows two weeks over an eight-week period for start-up activities. Be aware that your Essential Science for Teachers course may occur over a different period of time — Bottle Biology can be modified to fit your course.

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