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Life Science: TerrAqua Column

Track Our Progress: Is It Alive?

Click on the links below to see pictures of the components we put into our TerrAqua system. See the Is It Alive? activity instructions for questions to consider, use the Is It Alive? Data Sheet (PDF) to classify each component as living, dead, or nonliving. If you need help, the TerrAqua Column Organisms Information Sheet (PDF) may be userful. Then, share your results on the discussion board.

Note: Because our goals were to use the TerrAqua Column as a learning tool for your Essential Science for Teachers course, we combined local collections with purchased specimens to make our system particularly diverse; your components, of course, may differ.

Air Elodea Leaf Litter Selaginella
Anole Fern Liverwort Sand
Beetles Flatworm Millipede Slime Mold
Bottle Fish Moss Snails
Bread Green Algae Pine Seedling Soil
Crickets Grass Seeds Potato Cube Twig
Dried Peas Gravel Radish Seeds Water
Duckweed Hydra Rock Water Fern
Earthworms Pill Bugs Sagittaria Water Flea
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