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Life Science: Brassica & Butterfly System

Film Can Ovipositron

film can ovipositron


Materials Needed

For Building and Stocking

  • Six clear plastic film canisters with lids (to act as bases to hold leaves)
  • Six different types of plant leaves (Fast Plant, cabbage, and non- Brassicas like lettuce and spinach)
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided transparent tape
  • Wax paper

Building, Stocking, and Maintenance Instructions

  1. Cut circles roughly the same size as the film canister lids from each leaf.
  2. Using double-sided tape, attach one leaf to each lid.
  3. Cut six 1cm X 10cm strips of wax paper.
  4. Using pieces of double-sided tape, attach the wax paper strips to the film canister by encircling the top. Be careful not to leave the tape exposed, as the butterflies may get caught on it.
  5. Place into a Light House with adult butterflies when ready to do egg-laying activities.
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