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Life Science: Brassica & Butterfly System

Brassica Nursery

brassica nursery


Materials Needed and Instructions

For Building, Stocking, and Maintaining

See Bottle Growing System. The only difference involves the seeds used and the addition of Pieris eggs.

The Brassica Nursery uses a variety of seeds to grow different plants to feed the larvae. Turnip, radish, and lettuce seeds can be purchased from a garden store and mixed together. Fast Plant seeds can also be used in the mix. The seeds should be planted about five days before the eggs arrive.

Pieris eggs can be purchased from Carolina Biological Supply Company (1-800-334-5551 or www.carolinabiological.com). The eggs should be ordered to arrive about 5 days after the seed mix has been planted, so that the larvae will have something to feed on. When the eggs arrive, they will be on a strip of wax paper in a small plastic vial. With tweezers, remove the wax strip carefully and place it egg side down on the plant seedlings. Do not touch the eggs!

Note: During larval stages, Pieris should be kept away from the Brassica being grown in the Light House System. This will prevent them from eating plants that need to grow to the flowering stage.

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