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Life Science: Brassica & Butterfly System

Light House


Materials Needed

For Building

  • One copy machine paper box (approximately 17" x 12")
  • One dessert size plastic plate (to suspend light source)
  • One Gro-lite (light source)
  • One light socket with extension cord (to connect light source to power)
  • Nylon mesh (for ventilation windows and front screen)
  • Heavy duty aluminum foil (to line box and make the front panel)
  • Velcro strips or tabs (to secure front panel to box)
  • Small binder clips (to secure front screen to box)
  • Utility knife
  • Scissors
  • Household glue
  • Duct tape

Building Instructions

Box unit:

  1. Cut 5 X 20 cm windows in the sides and back of the box near the top center.
  2. Cover the windows with nylon mesh using duct tape to secure.
  3. Line the box with shiny side of the aluminum foil facing in using a glue stick to secure it.
  4. Cut a hole in the top center of the box large enough to insert the base of the light.
  5. Cut a hole of the same size in the center of the plastic plate and trim the raised edges to make a flat disk.
  6. Place the disk on top of the box, over the light socket hole.
  7. Insert the light from inside of the box through the hole and the disk.
  8. Secure the light to the light socket and plug in the extension cord.

Front panel: (Will be used when growing plants in Light House)

  1. Measure the side and top (length and width) dimensions of the box. Add 5 cm to the side measurement (for folding over top of box).
  2. Cut the aluminum foil panel to the above measurements.
  3. Fold the duct tape over each edge of the panel to add strength.
  4. Secure three pieces of one side of the Velcro strip to the top edge of the panel.
  5. Secure three pieces of the other side of the Velcro strip to the top outer edge of the box (match placement with the strips on the panel).
  6. Suspend the panel by folding the top edge over the top of the box so it is attached with Velcro.

Front screen: (will be used when housing butterflies in Light House)

  1. Cut the screen using the same measurements for the front panel (above).
  2. Use binder clips to secure the front screen to the Light House.
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