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Earth & Space Science: About the Course

Teacher-Talk EarthSpace

[Channel-talkearthspace] session1/getting started

From: <Sandbergll@aol.com>
Date: Thu Apr 03 2008 - 23:23:57 EDT
X-Mailer: 8.0 for Windows sub 6033

I had a little trouble on the pre-test with detail also. I only know most of
the information about soil, earth's structure, volcanoes, and earthquakes
because I am co-teaching 2 science classes (one 7th and one 8th grade class) this
year. I decided to take this course because I realized how little I know about
science. I need to know more to co-teach science. I really enjoyed session 1,
it's fun and I like the hands-on approach by Tim Mackey with his students. We
need more of that in the classroom in my opinion.

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