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Unit 5: Human Population Dynamics // Scientists

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Portrait of David E. Bloom
David E. Bloom
David Bloom is Clarence James Gamble Professor of Economics and Demography and chairman of the Department of Population and International Health at the Harvard School of Public Health. Read bio

Featured Scientists

Portrait of Deborah L. Balk
Deborah L. Balk
Deborah Balk is associate professor at the Baruch School of Public Affairs and acting associate director of the Institute for Demographic Research at the City University of New York. Until Fall 2006, she was research scientist at the Center for International Earth Science Information of Network at Columbia University. Read bio // Read interview transcript

Portrait of Martha Farnsworth Riche
Martha Farnsworth Riche
The Honorable Martha Farnsworth Riche served as director of the U.S. Census Bureau between 1994 and 1998. Through Farnsworth Riche Associates, Dr. Riche consults, writes, and lectures on demographic changes and their effects on policies, programs, and products. Read bio // Read interview transcript

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