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Unit 4: Ecosystems // Scientists

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Portrait of Paul R. Moorcroft
Paul R. Moorcroft
Paul Moorcroft is a professor of biology at Harvard University who specializes in terrestrial ecosystem dynamics. His research investigates how ecological processes affect the structure, composition, and functioning of terrestrial ecosystems at regional to global scales. Read bio

Featured Scientists

Portrait of Robert H. Crabtree
Robert H. Crabtree
Robert Crabtree is the founder and chief scientist of the Yellowstone Ecological Research Center—a unique, private, non-profit scientific organization that specializes in long-term, large-scale, collaborative ecological study in the Greater Yellowstone Area. Read bio // Read interview transcript

Portrait of Stuart J. Davies
Stuart J. Davies
Stuart Davies is the director of the Center for Tropical Forest Science at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. This program coordinates a global network of 17 large-scale tropical forest research plots in 13 countries. Read bio // Read interview transcript

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