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14. Interest Groups: Organizing to Influence, Critical Thinking Activity
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Did you know that the following interest groups exist for men in this country?

American Men's Studies Association
The American Men's Studies Association (AMSA) is an organization of men and women dedicated to teaching, research, and clinical practice in the field of men's studies. AMSA's goal is to provide a forum for teachers, researchers and therapists to exchange information and gain support for their work with men.

National Men's Resource Center
The National Men's Resource Center (NMRC) believes that positive change in male roles and relationships is possible. NMRC has been working since 1982 to end men's isolation.

National Coalition of Free Men
National Coalition of Free Men (NCFM) is a non-profit educational organization that looks at the ways sex discrimination affects men and boys.

Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange
The Fathers' Rights & Equality Exchange (FREE) is a member-supported, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the premise that parenting is a 50/50 proposition. FREE believes that both fathers and mothers should share equally in the parenting and support of their children.

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