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Unit 10: Neurobiology
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Related Resources
Calvin, W. H. and G. A. Ojemann. 1994. Conversations with Neil's brain: The neural nature of thought and language. Perseus Publishing.
Building from case examples, a neurobiologist and a neurosurgeon describe the workings of the brain.

Drickamer, L. C., S. H. Vessy, and E. M. Jakob. 2002. Animal behavior: Mechanisms, ecology, and evolution. 5th ed. McGraw Hill.
A university-level textbook on animal behavior that has an excellent section on the neurobiology of behavior.

Timmons, C. R. and L. W. Hamilton. Drugs, brains & behavior. www.rci.rutgers.edu/~lwh/drugs/.
A short e-book detailing the neuropharmalogical effects of drugs.

Sullivan, J. M., 2002. Cannabinoid receptors. Curr. Biol. 12:R681.
A short guide to recent research on cannabinoids and their receptors.

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