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Unit 9: Human Evolution
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Hominoid Family Tree
Human Fossil Bush
Human Migration Hypotheses
Mitochondrial DNA
Mitochondrial Eve
Regulatory Hypothesis


Ascent of man
DeCode asthma pedigree figure
Diagram of human and chimp chromosome
Genealogical tree of Icelandic family
Hominid skull
Hominoid tree
Homo habilis skull specimen
Human and chimp allele clustering
Human and Neanderthal skeletons
Human fossil "bush"
Human skull specimen
Hypotheses of human migration
Iceland family genealogy text
Icelandic family photo
Krings figure
Mitochondrial DNA phylogeny
"Mitochondrial Eve"
Neanderthal group
Neanderthal painting
Neanderthal painting
Neanderthal skeleton upright
Neanderthal skull
Old Icelandic family photo
Pithecanthropus painting
Pithecanthropus painting
Skull Homo erectus
Vikings arrive in Iceland
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