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Unit 11: Biology of Sex and Gender
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Beale, B. 2001. The sexes: New insights into the X and Y chromosomes.
The Scientist 15[15]:18.
Discussion about SRY, DAZ, WNT.

Jegalian, K., and B. T. Lahn. 2001. Why the Y is so weird. Scientific
, February, 56–61.
Evolution of the Y chromosome.

Jobling, M. A., and C. Tyler-Smith. 1995. Fathers and sons: the Y
chromosome and human evolution. Trends in Genetics 11:449–56.

Lewis, R. 2000. Reevaluating sex reassignment. The Scientist 14[14]:6.
Evidence supports nature over nurture in establishing gender identity.

Skorecki, K., S. Selig, S. Blaze, R. Bradman, N. Bradman, P. J. Waburton,
M. Ismajlowicz, and M. F. Hammer. 1997. Y chromosomes of the Jewish priests. Nature 385:32.

The following is a series of articles on sex-based differences in the biology of males and females:

Kreeger, K. Y. 2002. Sex-based differences continue to mount. The Scientist
When it comes to autoimmunity, the sexes respond in their own ways.

Kreeger, K. Y. 2002. X and Y chromosomes concern more than
reproduction. The Scientist 16[3]:25.
Clues lie within about which sex is more predisposed to various diseases.

Kreeger, K. Y. 2002. Yes, biologically speaking, sex does matter. The
Researchers move beyond the basics to better understand the differences between men and women.

Kreeger, K. Y. 2002. Sex-based longevity. The Scientist 16[10]:34.
Societal and lifestyle differences — not biology — appear to have the greatest influences on whether men or women live longer.
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