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Unit 11: Biology of Sex and Gender
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Holly A. Ingraham, PhD
Professor of Physiology
Ingraham is UCSF associate professor of physiology and obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at UC-San Francisco. She studies the development of endocrine and neuroendocrine organs using molecular biology and mouse genetics.

David Page, M.D.
Member, Whitehead Institute
Page is an investigator at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is also the associate director of Science at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, and professor of biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1992 his laboratory mapped and cloned the entire Y chromosome. Today, he uses the map and other tools to trace the genetic causes of male infertility, the history of the Y chromosome and human populations, and the origins of common genetic diseases.

Eric Vilain, M.D., PhD
Assistant Professor of Genetics
Vilain is an assistant professor of Human Genetics at UCLA. His laboratory is exploring the genetics of development, of the reproductive axis using the analysis of patients with disorders of sexual development and the study of animal and cellular models. He is also testing the hypothesis that there may be genetic influences on behavioral differences between males and females, in addition to the direct influence of sex steroids.


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