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Case Studies
These four case studies are interactivities based on actual scientific research projects carried out by leading teams in the field. Each case study takes the participant through a series of steps in a research project — just follow the step-by-step instructions to test a hypothesis or analyze data. The case studies provide an interactive experience that complements the video and text chapters and provides a window into the choices, challenges, compromises, and rewards associated with biological inquiry.

The Genetics of Resistance to HIV Infection
Can a person be truly resistant to HIV? Explore the phenomenon of "exposed unifected" individuals and learn more about the role of genes in disease resistance.
Evolution of Túngara Frog Mating Calls
Use molecular information and observe female response patterns to learn about the mating calls of Physalaemus frogs, and how the calls have evolved over time.
Designing Cancer Drugs:
Development of Gleevec

Follow the steps in the development of a cancer drug — from initial research on the targeted disease to the drug’s use in humans. Learn how drug design targets a disease by exploiting the structure of a protein that causes that disease.
Applied Genetic Modification
Explore practical uses of genetic engineering techniques to generate a plant that produces a hepatitis B protein for potential vaccine use.

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