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Project Advisors
In addition to determining the content of the units, our advisors and consultants have been actively involved in reviewing the material for all 13 units throughout its development. Videos, animations, case studies, and text chapters have all been reviewed several times during their production for accuracy and to ensure that these materials are as useful as possible to the intended audience.

Our primary advisors and consultants consisted of a team of eight scientists involved in teaching, curriculum development, and research.

Mark Bloom, PhD, is a science educator at Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS). He has developed print and Web-based curriculum materials for students in middle school, high school, and college. Previously, he was the assistant director of the Dolan DNA Learning Center, where he ran workshop programs for high school and college teachers. He developed the first educational kits using the polymerase chain reaction and coauthored the college lab manual Laboratory DNA Science. Mark was lead advisor for the Genomics, Proteins and Proteomics, Cell Biology and Cancer, and Biology of Sex and Gender units.

Steve Boyarsky is the coordinator of curriculum improvement at Staff Development at Southern Oregon Education Service District. Steve coordinates professional development in a three-county region in southern Oregon. He taught high school biology and human anatomy/physiology for 18 years. Steve has been involved with state and national level biology education through the National Science Teachers Association, a congressional fellowship, grants, and curriculum projects. Steve commented on appropriateness of content, level, and style of all project components.

Alan Dickman, PhD, is the biology curriculum director and an associate professor of biology at the University of Oregon. He has organized summer outreach programs in science for middle school, high school, and community college teachers, and has been involved in nationally funded programs to improve college-level biology education. Alan teaches introductory biology courses and an upper-division forest biology course. As lead scholar, Alan was responsible for final scholarly quality of all content of all project components.

Marion Field Fass, ScD, is an associate professor of biology at Beloit College. She has been involved in curriculum reform efforts in Biology through the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium and the SENCER (Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities) project of the Association of American Colleges & Universities. In 2002 she traveled to Kenya and Tanzania to work with professors who were developing undergraduate courses about the epidemic of HIV/AIDS and its impact in their communities. Marion was lead advisor for the Microbial Diversity, Emerging Infectious Diseases, HIV and AIDS, and Genetically Modified Organisms units.

Paula Henderson has taught biology at Newark High School in Newark, Delaware, since 1980 and received the Outstanding Biology Teacher award for Delaware in 1993. She has taught a course in human heredity and development at the University of Delaware, and is a co-author of the NIH/BSCS module "The Brain: Understanding Neurobiology Through the Study of Addiction." Paula commented on appropriateness of content, level, and style of all project components.

Patrick Phillips, PhD, is an associate professor of biology and a member of the Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Oregon. His research focuses on theoretical and empirical studies of evolutionary genetics. He teaches foundations of biology, evolution, population genetics, and experimental design; and is the creator of the evolutionary biology Web site, EvoNet.org. Patrick was lead advisor for the Evolution and Phylogenetics, Genetics of Development, Human Evolution, Neurobiology, and Biodiversity units.

John Postlethwait, PhD, is a professor of biology in the Institute of Neuroscience at the University of Oregon. His research interest is in developmental genetics; he and his group have discovered a genome duplication event that occurred before the vast radiation of teleost fish, which account for half of all species of vertebrates. His lab is currently investigating the genetic mechanisms that may help account for that explosion of biodiversity. The author of two textbooks for college students, John is committed to undergraduate education and has taught introductory biology to mostly non-biology majors since 1964. John provided critical assistance for the Genetics of Development unit and parts of several other units.

Carol Wheeler is a biology teacher and department chair at Pine Creek High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She worked in medical research and was a certified histo-compatibility technologist prior to teaching. She received a Christa McAuliffe grant to develop a molecular biology course, and an Intel grant to help get students to compete in science fairs at the international level. Carol commented on appropriateness of content, level, and style of all project components.


Content Development

Online Textbook Authors
Each chapter was written by one of three authors, selected for his or her knowledge of biology and ability to write clearly about that knowledge. All of these authors have taught at the college level. The chapters vary somewhat in style and level of difficulty; these differences result both from the nature of the material itself, as well as from differences between writers.

Amy Does, PhD, is a microbiology instructor at Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon. In addition to teaching pre-nursing students, she provides professional development for elementary school teachers who conduct after-school science clubs. She has developed exhibits for a science museum, designed science software for middle school students, and taught college-level biology online. Amy is the author of the Microbial Diversity, Emerging Infectious Diseases, HIV and AIDS, and Genetically Modified Organisms chapters.

Norman A. Johnson, PhD, is an adjunct research assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. His research has focused on speciation and several other areas of evolutionary genetics. In addition to the University of Massachusetts, Norman has also taught at the University of Chicago and the University of Texas at Arlington. Norman served as the style editor for all 13 chapters, and is the author of the Evolution and Phylogenetics, Genetics of Development, Human Evolution, and Biodiversity chapters, and co-authored the Neurobiology chapter with Stephani Sutherland. Norman also contributed to the learning activities for the Evolution and Phylogenetics, Microbial Diversity, Genetics of Development, Human Evolution, Neurobiology, and Biodiversity units.

Teresa Thiel, PhD, is a professor of biology at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Her main interests are molecular biology, microbiology, and bioinformatics. She directs a program for high school teachers and students called "Science in the Real World: Microbes in Action" that includes a Web site of the same name. She teaches microbiology and microbial genetics to undergraduate and graduate students and offers summer workshops in microbiology for teachers. Teresa is the author of the Genomics, Proteins and Proteomics, Cell Biology and Cancer, and Biology of Sex and Gender chapters.

Case Studies/ Learning Activities Developers
Chris Tachibana, PhD, has taught undergraduate biology since 1992 at Salt Lake Community College, Penn State University, and the University of Washington. She is a research scientist at the University of Washington Biochemistry Department and the Carlsberg Research Labs in Denmark. Chris developed two case studies: The Genetics of Resistance to HIV, and Designing an Anti-Cancer Drug. She also authored the learning activities for the Genomics, Proteins and Proteomics, Emerging Infectious Diseases, HIV and AIDS, Cell Biology and Cancer, Biology of Sex and Gender, and Genetically Modified Organisms units. In addition, she produced the course guide for all 13 units, and gave the learning activities for all units a common voice.

Andrea (Andi) White, PhD, is a postdoctoral research associate at the University of California, Berkeley. As a graduate student at the University of New Hampshire she was a teaching assistant for marine ecology, honors biology, economic botany, and as a lab coordinator for plant biology. Her current research interests focus on algal stress physiology and biochemistry, and the generation of environmentally friendly, alternative fuel sources from green algae. Andi developed two case studies: Evolution of Tungara Frog Mating Calls and Plant Genetic Modification. She also authored learning activities for the Evolution and Phylogenetics, Microbial Diversity, Genetics of Development, Human Evolution, Neurobiology, and Biodiversity units.

Researchers/ Associate Producers
Rediscovering Biology would not be possible without the hard work of the research and production staff at Oregon Public Broadcasting. These researchers provided critical support to video producers, authors, and activity developers, and developed the video animations.

Cindy Lefton has a bachelor's degree in zoology and a master's degree in mass communication with an emphasis on science writing and editing. She has served as the editor of a medical news magazine, and has edited several medical textbooks and journal articles. Her interests in science and nature have lead to volunteer service as an education coordinator for a wildlife rehabilitation facility, a zoo guide, and a science fair coordinator.

Liza Nicoll earned a bachelor's degree in biology and a bachelor's degree in health science at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Since completing work on Rediscovering Biology she has continued to work in television production, researching for a world history documentary series.

Stephani Sutherland, PhD, earned her doctorate in neuroscience at Oregon Health & Science University, where she coordinated an outreach program in junior high and high schools called Kids Interested in Discovering Science (KIDS). Since leaving the laboratory, she has worked as a science news reporter for the Los Angeles Times and traveled around the world. She is now a freelance science writer for the Journal of Neuroscience and BioMedNet. Stephani co-authored the online textbook chapter for Neurobiology with Norman Johnson.


Production Credits
An extensive staff consisting of the following people at Oregon Public Broadcasting made this project possible.

Executive Producer Meighan Maloney; Production Manager Doug Brazil; Production Media Manager Catherine Stimac; Production Assignment Manager Joshua Wolfe; Web Developer John Kin; Web Assistant Ryan Servatius; Assistant Production Manager Mary Hager; Database Administrator Heather Chambers; and Copyeditor Jennifer Ingraham.

The Rediscovering Biology multimedia series was produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting's Educational Media Production Department. The creative team consisted of the following:

Executives in Charge of Production David Davis and Jack Galmiche; Executive Producer Meighan Maloney; Producer/Writers Melissa Gerr, Nadine Jelsing, Amanda Lowthian, and Eric Slade; Writer Andrew Holtz; Series Host Lew Frederick; Academic Director Alan Dickman; Production Assignment Manager Joshua Wolfe; Production Manager Doug Brazil; Production Media Manager Catherine Stimac; Researcher/Associate Producers Cindy Lefton, Liza Nicoll, and Stephani Sutherland; Director of Production Services Milt Ritter; Manager of Production Scheduling Bill Dubey; Director of Engineering Information Dave Fulton; Assistant Director Sean Hutchinson; Assistant Production Manager Mary Hager; Pre-Production Coordinator Thea Bergeron; Videographers Art Adams, Karel Bauer, S.O.C., David Dennison, Paul Jacobson, Lisa Suinn Kallem, Jim Langley, Michael McNamara, Corky Miller, Ben Nieves, John Patzer, Todd Sonflieth, Dave Spangler, and Wally Szczubialk; Editors Tom Babich, Bruce Barrow, Sarah Marcus, Chris Nolan, John Patzer, and Kate Schoninger; Field Audio Michael A. Bidese, Chad Birmingham, Darren Brower, Kevin Brown, Chris Callus, Francis X. Coakley, Tony D'Annunzio, Thom Dentler, Jay Farrington, Dave Foreman, Thomas Forliti, Gerry Formicola, G. John Garrett, Joel Groeblinghoff, Cindy Hogan, Chip Lake, Randy Layton, Gordon Masters, Casey Quinlan, C.A.S, Todd Schmidt, Brandt Sennhenn, Mike Tyrey, Ted Ver Valen, Bill Ward, and Matt Yeasley; Art Direction Tim Bergmann; Production Artist Jefferson P. Vowell; 3-D Animations Hot Pepper Studios Animation Dynamics, Inc., Kevin Washington; Rights Assistant Morgan Currie; Theme Music Cal Scott; Production Intern Larry Johnson; Production Art Interns Soumalay Douangmala and Corrina Reff; Production Assistants Michael Aaris, David Banyan, Emily Chapman, Mike Forest, Kenyatta Gomez, Madeleine Pappas, Michelle Pridemore, Anastasia Savko, Alex Selkowitz, and Jonathan Zintel.


Site Credits

Rediscovering Biology is funded by Annenberg Media, a partnership between the Annenberg Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which uses media and telecommunications to advance excellent teaching in American schools. Annenberg Media videos help teachers increase their expertise in their fields and improve their teaching methods. For information on obtaining Annenberg Media materials, go to www.learner.org or call 1-800-LEARNER.

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) is a highly experienced producer of educational content with expertise in both traditional and new media approaches to formal education, community outreach, and television production.

OPB has produced many series for Annenberg Media, including UNSEEN LIFE ON EARTH: An Introduction to Microbiology; A WORLD OF ART: Works in Progress, a series on contemporary artists; AMERICAN PASSAGES: A Literary Survey, a multimedia series for college students; and ARTIFACTS & FICTION, a professional development workshop series for teachers on interdisciplinary approaches to American literature. OPB has also been the co-producer for video series and digital materials to accompany several McGraw Hill textbook publications.

OPB has a long history of producing Web sites, teachers' guides, and other curriculum materials to accompany educational and PBS broadcast series. Working in close concert with national advisory boards, OPB's staff has produced curriculum materials in the humanities and sciences for a variety of grade levels and teacher professional development. OPB is also a major producer of PBS Primetime documentary series, and has created programming for NOVA, FRONTLINE, and other programs as well as numerous specials and limited series.

In addition to the guidance from our team of advisors and consultants, an independent formative evaluation of three of the 13 units was conducted by RMC Research Corporation. RMC Research staff selected ten biology teachers and ten professional development providers, who varied with respect to geographic location, race and ethnicity, and background knowledge in biology. These reviewers provided helpful input on these three units while they were being developed; suggestions made on these units were generalized, where appropriate, to the other ten units.

Web development
AMAZING! is a full-service Web development team which has been helping clients build attractive, dynamic, information-driven Web sites since 1995. The company has experience with Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, the Oregon Department of Human Services, Oregon Public Broadcasting, and other non-profit and governmental agencies, giving them skills and experience unique in the Oregon Web community. They work extensively with non-profit organizations because they firmly believe in education and outreach work.


Expert Interviewees
We are grateful to so many people who were so willing to find time for this project. The following people provided invaluable information to the project through interviews. You can find the text of many of the interviews on this site in the Expert Interview Transcripts section.

David Altshuler, MD, PhD; James Carrington, PhD; Jonathan Eisen, PhD; and Eric Lander, PhD.

Proteins and Proteomics
Hamid Bolouri, PhD; Ned David, PhD; Stanley Fields, PhD; Hunter Fraser; Aaron Hirsh; and Leroy Hood, PhD.

Evolution and Phylogenetics
Phillip Gingerich, PhD; Timothy Read, PhD; and Carl Woese, PhD.

Microbial Diversity
Anne Camper, PhD; Bill Costerton, PhD; Dan Kotansky, PhD; Anna-Louise Reysenbach, PhD; Frank F. Roberto, PhD; Phil Stewart, PhD; and Paul Sturman.

Emerging Infectious Diseases
Capt. Daniel Carucci, MD, PhD; Rita Colwell, PhD; Laurie Garrett; Judith M. Martin, MD; Stuart B. Levy, MD; and Lukas K. Tamm, PhD.

Edward Berger, PhD; Laurie Garrett; Jay Levy, MD; Rob Roy MacGregor, MD; Erik Vonmuller; and David Weiner, PhD.

Genetics of Development
Judith Eisen, PhD; Markus Grompe, MD; John Incardona, PhD; Nipam Patel, PhD; and John Postlethwait, PhD.

Cell Biology and Cancer
Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD; Brian Druker, MD; Leland Hartwell, PhD; Mary-Claire King, PhD; and Robert Weinberg, PhD.

Human Evolution
Kari Stefansson, MD; Ian Tattersall, PhD; Ajit Varki, MD; and Christopher Wills, PhD.

Wolfhard Almers, PhD; Fred Gage, PhD; Richard Huganir, PhD; and John Williams, PhD.

Biology of Sex and Gender
Holly Ingraham, PhD; David Page, MD; and Eric Vilain, MD, PhD.

James Miller, PhD; Richard Ostfeld, PhD; Peter H. Raven, PhD; and Eleanor Sterling, PhD; G. David Tilman, PhD.

Genetically Modified Organisms
Leon Corzine; David L Dornbos, Jr., PhD; Rebecca J. Goldburg, PhD; Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH; Thomas E. Newberry; and Gary H. Toenniessen, PhD.



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