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America's History in the Making

Antebellum Reform

Am I not a man and a brother?

As a response to increasing social ills, the nineteenth century generated reform movements: temperance, abolition, school and prison reform, as well as others. This unit traces the emergence of reform movements instigated by the Second Great Awakening and the impact these movements had on American culture.

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City of New York

The first half of the 1800s brought rapid social, economic, and technological changes, which laid the groundwork for reform. More

Camp-meeting / A. Rider pinxit

The Second Great Awakening, a religious revival of the early 1800s, contributed to the reform impulse by emphasizing individual responsibility and perfection. More

opening day at Lord & Taylor's store, Broadway and Twentieth Street - ladies ascending in the elevator

The evangelical revival spawned a number of reforms, aimed at curbing a broad range of social ills. More


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