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America's History in the Making

Colonial Designs

Unit Resources

Unit Reference Materials
Beiler, Rosalind J. German-Speaking Immigrants in the British Atlantic World, 16801730, Magazine of History - Atlantic World, Volume 18, no. 3, April 2004.
Bruseth, James E. and Toni S. Turner, From A Watery Grave: The Discovery And Excavation Of La Salle's Shipwreck, La Belle. College Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press, 2005.
Bruseth, James E. and others. "A Clash of Two Cultures: Presidio La Bahia on the Texas Coast as a Deterrent to French Incursion," ed. Judith A Bense. Journal of the Society for Historical Archaeology: Presidios of the North American Spanish Borderlands, 38:3, 2004.
Hening, William Waller. The Statutes at Large; Being a Collection of all the Laws of Virginia, from the First Session of the Legislature in the Year 1619, volume I. New York: R & W & G. Bartow, 1823.
Nash, Gary B., Julie Roy Jeffrey, John R. Howe, Peter J. Frederick, Allen F. Davis, and Allan M. Winkler. The American People: Creating a Nation and a Society, 6th ed. New York: Pearson Education Inc., 2004. Reprinted by permission of Pearson Education, Inc.
Nash, Gary B. and Billy G. Smith, eds. Encyclopedia of American History, Vol. I-III. Facts on File Inc., 2003.
Wood, Peter, Jacqueline Jones, Thomas Borstelmann, Elaine Tyler May, and Vicki Ruiz. Created Equal: A Social and Political History of the United States. New York: Pearson Education Inc., 2003. Reprinted by permission of Pearson Education, Inc.
Further Reading
Calloway, Colin G. First Peoples: A Documentary Survey of American Indian History. Bedford/St. Martins, 1999.
Crosby, Alfred W. The Columbian Exchange, Biological and Cultural Consequences of 1492 Greenwood Press, 1972.
Taylor, Alan. American Colonies: The Settling of North America. Penguin Books, 2002.
Wood, Peter H. Black Majority: Negroes in Colonial South Carolina from 1670 Through the Stono Rebellion. W. W. Norton & Company, reissue edition, 1996.
Wood, Peter H. Strange New Land: Africans in Colonial America. Oxford University Press, 2003.
National Center for History in the Schools Teaching Units
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Early Jamestown (PDF)
A Society Knit as One: The Puritans, Algonkians, and Roger Williams (PDF)
William Penn's Peaceable Kingdom (PDF)
Atlantic Slave Trade (PDF)
Magazine of History Articles
German-Speaking Immigrants in the British Atlantic World, 1680-1730 by Rosalind J. Beiler
Organization of American Historians: Talking History Radio Program
Pilgrims: A talk with author John Seelye.

Nov. 22, 1999 air date
Listen Now: Real Audio 28.8

Op-ed by William Truettner on Mythical Old New England.
Plymouth Rock: A talk with professor Robert Arner about the history of Plymouth Rock and its meaning to generations of Americans.

Nov. 20, 2000 air date Listen Now: Real Audio 28.8

The program contains an op-ed by Rutgers professor Norman Markowitz, about testing standards for U.S. history.

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