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America's History in the Making

Industrializing America

A Visit from the Old Mistress. 1876. dup of 2141

A new era of mass production arose in the United States because of technological innovations, a favorable patent system, new forms of factory organization, an abundant supply of natural resources, and foreign investment. The labor force came from millions of immigrants from around the world seeking a better way of life, and aided a society that needed to massproduce consumer goods. The changes brought about by industrialization and immigration gave rise to the labor movement and the emergence of women's organizations advocating industrial reforms.Start Here


The Freedmen's Bureau

After the Civil War, the development of improved industrial methods and the arrival of masses of immigrants eager for factory jobs launched a new era of mass production in the United States. More

Arrival of Negro family in the lines

Fleeing religious and political persecution and poor economic conditions, millions of people began to move about the globe, with a high concentration coming to the United States. More

A golden spike was driven at Promontory Point, Utah

Industrial expansion and the influx of new populations brought about major changes, including the rise of a labor movement and the emergence of women's organizations as important agents of social and political reform. More


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