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America's History in the Making

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New York World Cover, 1898

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Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World, (February 17, 1898, cover). Courtesy of Ross Collins.

Creator William Randolph Hearst's New York Journal and Joseph Pulitzer's New York World
Context The penny newspapers stirred up public opinion in support of international issues and events, such as the Spanish American War.
Audience The readers of the New York Journal and the New York World
Purpose To boost circulation and profits

Historical Significance

Politics played a role in driving American expansionism. Public opinion on international issues helped to influence presidential elections, and spurred the growth of a competitive press that sensationalized news reporting for a mass readership. With the intent of increasing circulation and profits, Hearst's Journal and Pulitzer's World attempted to stir up public support for Cuban rebels against Spain by blurring the line between fact and fiction in their coverage of the news.


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