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Czech Language Land Promotion Booklet

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Burlington & Missouri River Railroad, CZECH LANGUAGE LAND PROMOTION BOOKLET (1870s). Courtesy of the Nebraska State Historical Society Photo Collection.

Creator Burlington & Missouri River Railroad
Context Railroad companies urged settlement in the West in order to construct railroad lines for more commerce.
Audience Potential German and Czech settlers
Purpose To attract new settlers to the Great Plains

Historical Significance

During the settlement of the West, leaders of small towns "boosted" or promoted their town with the goal of attracting more settlers. Boosters even published advertisements for available lands in German and Czech. One pamphlet dubbed eastern Nebraska "the Garden of the West." Railroad companies thought that if they constructed railroad lines, towns would pop up along the routes and produce greater prosperity. The Czech language pamphlet showed how one town would prosper within the first six years. They were very successful--the town of Wilber, Nebraska is home to the largest Czech population in the Midwest.


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