Balancing SourcesIntroduction


Historical events are rarely adequately explained from just one point of view. This interactive experience invites you to examine historical events, consider how they have been portrayed in the past, and create a narrative that considers the various perspectives represented.

Here's How It Works:

Step One: Evaluating Historical Sources
In each exercise, you start by examining a selection of primary sources relating to a historical event from a major era of American History. You will be asked to consider the multiple perspectives represented in these primary sources, and complete a Venn diagram of how the sources exemplify them. Careful reflection on the various ideas, values, and experiences will help you complete this exercise.

Step Two: Creating a Balanced Narrative
Once you have identified the perspectives and matched the source to each one, you will create a smaller subset that represents a "balanced" view of the historical event. You will then write a brief justification of your set, including why you selected the sources you did. Once you have completed this, you can examine the sets created by other teachers and read their justifications.