Balancing Sources Comparison

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  1. The Success of the Transcontinental Railroad
  2. The Problems of the Transcontinental Railroad
  3. Congresses Regulation of the Transcontinental Railroad

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Their Reasoning:
Across the Continent: the Frank Leslie Transcontinental Excursion: This engraving depicts the success of the transcontinental railroad. It shows that we scaled large mountains and crossed large rivers to provide a means of transportation from one end of the country to the other end of the country. This allowed Americans to fulfill their dream of Manifest Destiny.

The Last Spike: This painting shows the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. It also shows the jubilation and celebration which occurred when the last spike was driven into the ground. It could and would mean prosperity for the country.

Shoshone Beggars at the Railway Station: The newspaper cover shows the consequences of what the railroads now had on the American Indian villages. Some Indian women were now being reduced to beggars. The implications are that Indians are now being reduced to begging and asking for money. It implies that the American Indians had the most to loose. Not only would they loose their land but they would loose their self respect.

Cheyenne Indians Attacking a Working Party on the Union Pacific Railroad: This picture shows the plight of the Plains Indians and what affect the transcontinental railroad would have on them. They realized the railroad would increase the white manís influence of the region and most importantly would influence their culture and take away their land.

Pacific Railway Act: This perspective shows the involvement Congress would have on the transcontinental railway system in the United States. This act created a government policy for the expansion of the American Railroad. Congress realized the importance of the transcontinental railroad on the American Society. They realized the long term effect it will have on the American economy and the development of the West.

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