Battle of the Thames, 5th October 1813

Creator: William Emmons, painter and political operative.

Context: This print was created in September 1833 by Emmons, who was a close friend of Richard M. Johnson, the man shown here killing Tecumseh (most historians believe Johnson did not actually kill Tecumseh). The print was dedicated to President Andrew Jackson.

Audience: As much of the American public as possible, through circulation in newspapers and pamphlets.

Purpose: To promote Johnson's candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President in 1836 (he was eventually chosen as Martin Van Buren's running mate).

Historical Significance: This artifact glorifies the killing of Native Americans who resisted the westward expansion of American settlers. It exemplifies how many Americans during this period believed they were destined to control the continent, and directed intense anger toward anyone who dared to stand in their way.