William Franklin Mural

Creator: Artist Unknown

Context: This mural was painted around 1766 to celebrate the charter presented to the New Jersey colony by Royal Governor William Franklin establishing Queen's College in 1766. Queen's College opened its doors for the first time in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1771.

Audience: This mural may have been intended to be viewed by the residents of the New Jersey colony. As a colonial college, later a land-grant institution, and eventually a state university, this mural and the college were established for the residents of the New Jersey colony and eventually the United States.

Purpose: This mural may have hung in a building at Queen's College celebrating the founding of the college by a charter presented to the colony by Royal Governor William Franklin in 1766.

Historical Significance: This mural reveals the importance the British colonial government placed on educating the citizens of New Jersey. Queen's College was the eight institution of higher learning founded in the colonies and the first to be started in the New Jersey colony. The college was later renamed Rutgers College in 1825 in honor of American Revolution hero Colonel Henry Rutgers.