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The Science of Teaching Science

Workshop 1. Preparing To Teach Science (90 min.)

Workshop 1: Preparing to Teach Science

This teacher's work will be featured in Workshop 1:

Name: Audrey Sturgis

Experience: 13 years

Grade & Subjects: Year 1 - Grade 8, Science and Social Studies;
Year 2 - Grade 7 - Science

Demographics: Middle school in an inner city setting

Classroom: 3 sections, 90 students total; 90% African-American and Hispanic

Science Teaching: 90 minute sessions on alternate days of the week

Curriculum: Developed by teacher

Other: Third year teaching middle grades, background in elementary education

Things to ponder before and after Workshop 1:

1. What are some strategies that you can use to make connections between science and students' lives?

2. Where do you think a knowledge of science fits into the real world that confronts students today?

3. How would you develop a curriculum where you were as much a science learner as your students?


In preparation for Workshop 2, please interview a few of your students (2 to 5 students). Have some boiling water available at the beginning of each interview. Say that you are boiling water, and you would like the interviewee to tell you what is in the bubbles that form at the bottom of the pot or beaker or flask. Then ask how he/she thinks that substance has formed.

Record the results of your first question for Assignment 1 on the enclosed chart.

Data Table - Assignment 1

Student Beliefs About the Content of Bubbles in Boiling Water
Number of Students Reporting Each Substance

Substance in Bubbles
. . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . .

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