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Private Universe Project in Science

Workshop 9. Constructivism: A Vision for the Future (90 min.)

What is the theme of this session? The theme of Session Nine is "Building an Understanding of Constructivism."

What problems does this session address? What is our vision for the future of science education? What might the classroom of the future look like? Is constructivism a utopian dream or a possible future reality?

A. The Goal for Session Nine

The goal of this session is to promote discussion among educators, and to encourage the implementation of constructivist approaches in the classroom by creating discovery-based lessons, eliciting and understanding students' ideas, and more generally, by focusing on curriculum development, assessment, national science standards, and professional development.

The movement towards change may meet with obstacles on various levels. Is the constructivist approach worth the struggle?

B. Workshop Discussion

What are the obstacles teachers might encounter when trying to implement changes in their classroom?

How can educators and education leaders help overcome these obstacles? Discuss these proposed solutions.


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