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The Science of Teaching Science

Workshop 6. Special Considerations (90 min.)

Workshop 6: Special Considerations


The work of these teachers will be featured in Workshop 6:


Name: Raquel Jacobson

Experience: 6 years

Grade & Subjects: Seventh-grade earth science

Demographics: Urban school requiring admission test

Classroom: Approximately 150 students; multi-ethnic

Science Teaching: 42 minutes, 3 days; 30 minutes, 2 days. Use of lab room scheduled one time per week

Curriculum: Representative middle grades earth science curriculum, with textbook as a guide

Other: Undergraduate and some graduate study in Geology; MEd in Teaching and Curriculum

Name: Jean Huff

Experience: 19 years

Grade & Subjects: Grade 3; all subjects

Demographics: Elementary school in a suburban city

Classroom: 22 students; 15% special needs; 10% ESL

Science Teaching: Three times per week; approximately 120 minutes total

Curriculum: Specified by district

Other: Master's degree in elementary education
Teaches in an "open" school

Name: Donna Fosberg

Experience: 22 years

Grade & Subjects: Grade 5; all subjects

Demographics: Elementary school in a small city/rural district

Classroom: 25% Native American; 25% Mexican American

Science Teaching: Approximately 6 hours weekly

Curriculum: Teachers are given the freedom to make choices in an integrated curriculum

Name: Dotty Herd

Experience: 23 years

Grade & Subjects: Grade 6 and several Grade 7 students; all subjects

Demographics: K-8 school in a rural district

Classroom: 25 students, varied economic background

Science Teaching: Approximately 5 hours per week

Curriculum: Currently from the Tennessee Valley Project; previously built around objectives for state standardized test

Name: Audrey Sturgis

Experience: 13 years

Grade & Subjects: Grade 8; Science and Social Studies

Demographics: Middle school in an inner city setting

Classroom: 3 sections; 90 students total; 90% African-American and Hispanic

Science Teaching: 90 minute sessions on alternate days of the week

Curriculum: Developed by the teacher

Other: Third year teaching middle grades
Background is in social studies and elementary education

Name: Elsa Olmedo

Experience: 15 years

Grade & Subjects: Two kindergarten classes, each 2 1/2 hours; all subjects

Demographics: Elementary school in an urban district

Classroom: Bilingual classroom (Spanish)

Science Teaching: Approximately 2 hours weekly

Curriculum: Specified by district

Questions to ponder before workshop 6:

1. In this time of increased diversity among children in the areas of culture, gender and learning abilities, how do you think your classroom reflects this change? Have you had to change your teaching style? If so, how would an outsider notice the changes in your classroom?

2.What are the learning issues facing children with language barriers? How do they present themselves in a classroom?

3. How do girls approach science activities? Do you notice any behavioral issues between girls and boys ? Should girls be taught in separate sections for science?

4 What strategies have you found successful with diverse groups of students?


Generate a list of items that could be included in a student's portfolio. If you wish, bring a sampling of your favorites.




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