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Topic: Set a Welcoming Tone for Fall Classes

Topic Posted by: Moxco
Organization: CA school teacher
Date Posted: Thu Oct 12 14:04:35 2006
Topic Description: Setting up a big, empty classroom for back-to-school can be an enormous task. Even experienced teachers find themselves faced with a challenge when they switch schools or move into a new classroom. Expanses of bare walls, bulletin boards, and even floors suddenly threaten to swallow up both time and money. Save your sanity by choosing a theme to carry your class throughout the coming year. Let a favorite book, song, or lesson plan guide you. You'll find it helpful in decorating bulletin boards and even creating a consistent tone when communicating with parents. Plus, once you have chosen a theme, you'll discover that summertime is a great season for becoming a pack rat - and it's a good thing! Yard and estate sales can be wonderful places to find furnishings for a reading corner or inspirational space. Summer is also a busy time for remodelling, so talk to local businesses that supply items you need, such as modular carpeting (2 foot square pieces of commercial carpeting that are easy to arrange right where you need them) or even cabinets if you're short on storage closets. You'll be helping the business owner by taking something off their hands that is often trash anyway, and you'll be lightening the load to the landfill.

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