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Topic: moon journal ideas

Topic Posted by: amy
Date Posted: Wed Oct 2 1:53:32 2002
Topic Description: I am planning a moon journal for 1 month. I want to have my kids (older kids) to do something different/creative every day. Any ideas?? email me

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Posted by: Angela Goetz ( )
Date posted: Sun Mar 14 13:46:51 2004
Subject: Moon Journal Activities
For a month, as an education major, we have observed the moon. After the observation we researched questions we had about the moon and then created a presentation of our findings. This activity can be taken to many varied levels. As a future elementary educator I enjoyed creating a large journal of my moon observations. I used art as a means of expressing my findings and also added poetry, songs and activities for the elementary student. This journal will be a resource in the classroom on the subject of the moon, but also serves as an artistic idea spot and a jumping place for poetry and short stories. You could set time aside a few times a week to present varied creative art methods and then leave an art centre open where students can work once their assigned work is completed. Colored pencils, crayons, markers, pens and pencils and watercolor paper, construction paper, lined and plain paper,tissue paper, collage materials, oil paint, glitter, glue, wool, etc are just a few of the resources you could equipt this centre with. Allow the students to create backgrounds for the pages of their moon journal. Students can coose to use scrapbooking ideas for each observation page. Allow time in your classroom for the students to research on the web and to print their findings about the moon. These findings can be added to their journal and cited. Bring in moon stories, moon poetry, mythes about the moon, moon songs and news articles from the past as well as current news about the moon and space exploration. After you have shared some of these things provide time for a writers workshop in the language arts time frame. Have your students create their own moonworks for their journal. I really enjoyed approaching the moon journal activity this way. I think that students generally like to have some control over an assignment and will enjoy this approach. If you have students who are less creative or lack motivation try a buddy system approach. Angela Goetz


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