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Topic: How do students develop scientific misconceptions?

Topic Posted by: Linda W. Braun ([email protected] )
Date Posted: Sat Jan 30 7:45:01 US/Eastern 1999
Topic Description: How do you think students develop scientific misconceptions? What are ways you know to help students overcome these?

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Posted by: Tom Hocking ([email protected] )
Organization:International Planetarium Society, Inc.
Date posted: Wed Feb 17 19:06:38 US/Eastern 1999
Subject: Hello and Welcome!
As a planetarian, I have had this conversation numerous times, and have shown the original Project Universe tape several times to groups of teachers and students. I was one of the satellite workshop coordinators at one of the remote sites. Most of the misconceptions tend to be misPERceptions in my experience. By allowing the students to recognize and confront them there is a chance that changes in understanding can be made. My wish in posting this is to fuel the discussion and see what you think!


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