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Topic: Colored light

Topic Posted by: Fran Ludwig ( )
Organization: Lexington (MA) Public Schools
Date Posted: Wed Dec 1 17:36:52 US/Eastern 1999
Topic Description: Our group is having a lively debate about whether you can see a red object if you view it with violet light. We used color paddles to shine violet light from a flashlight at a red box. We could see a bright spot from the flashlight that looked a little red. Some of us thought that we would be able to see red in violet light (since red and blue = violet) but others thought that violet light and red light are completely different photons, so the box should look black. Our results were not very conclusive (the color paddles are not perfect as filters and the room was not completely dark. What do others think? Does anyone know where to buy good color filters at a reasonable price?

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Suppliers of Colored Lighting Filters Clive Grainger Thu Dec 2 21:48:16 US/Eastern 1999




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